Kobo Aura HD: What and What Not to Expect

Although the rise of high-end tablets in the market has hugely captivated the fancies of its audience, the world might still have a place for another e-reader – Kobo’s latest Aura HD. “This is something that is designed for this most passionate, voracious reader,” says CEO Mike Serbinis during an interview with engadget.com. But considering the vast pool of competitors out there, with two main players dominating the market, is Kobo’s latest innovation still worth the purchase?

The seemingly impressive hardware

It appears that the e-reader market is composed of a number of companies that just utilize the same parts for their products over again, with processors designed by a similar company as well, so there’s not really much to brag about when it comes to the hardware. However, Serbinis is determined to give the new Aura a place in the market.

Aura appears to have a larger screen, and in a tow, a bulkier reader. With a footprint of 6.97×5.05×0.46 inches, the device is noticeably larger than the Glo or Kindle’s Paperwhite. It’s much heavier than its competitions as well, and avid e-readers could immediately attest to that. Although the design appears to be just convenient to hold, it can be little slick, as well, especially if you have sweaty hands.

Morning Links: Kobo unveils a new HD reader

Morning Links: Kobo unveils a new HD reader

Boasting the HD screen

The screen also boasts a resolution of 1,440 x 1,080 – something that could definitely put many tablets to shame as it promises a 20 percent upgrade to clarity than most HD readers on the market – so it’s an extremely sharp reader. Battery-wise, it can last up to over a month, already with its light and Wi-Fi on. That’s plenty of time.

Atop the reader is a dedicated button for the device’s built-in front light. Just like this impressive technology from Glo, it wouldn’t fail its users once it’s on – showing off that evenly-distributed light across the whole display. The company isn’t really a fan of the standard micro-USB cords, as they’ve built a pretty good-looking cord solely for the device. It also holds a micro-SD slot for you to add up to 32GB storage to device’s 4GB built-in storage. That would certainly mean a lot to committed e-readers.

Kobo Aura HD ereader review

Kobo Aura HD ereader review

The not-so impressive software

With the goal of most e-readers to make the hardware “disappear” as much as possible, Kobo exerts an awful lot of effort to lifting the software. There’s nothing really much to expect with the software, just that it isn’t as user-friendly as other e-readers in the market. It can still read a multiple selection of file formats, including EPUB, PDF, JPEF, GIF, HTML, TXT, and a lot more. Although you will get by for some time, the company would really need to do some tweaks to its operating system to make a name in the market.

It was just the right move for the company to make the Aura HD a limited edition product, considering the e-readers bulkiness and the whopping $169 price tag. With Kindle and Nook on the market, the Aura HD is even much more difficult to sell. 

How To Plan For A Grand Wedding Proposal

If you and your girlfriend have gone through each relationship milestones successfully and in your heart you know already that she’s the right one, then maybe it’s high time you pop the question.

First, let’s clear out some things . . .

Do you recall several of those proposal videos that have gone viral where the girls seemed more surprise at the question than the act of proposal itself thereby putting them in hot seat? Well, you knew what happened; these girls rejected their boyfriend’s proposal right there and then! Frankly, this is not a good memory to bear; the humiliation may even petrify you forever. The point is to never, ever make a creative attempt in making a proposal unless you’re sure you’ll get a “yes” from your girlfriend. You don’t stage a proposal so daring you’d think that because of that she’d say yes – no, you don’t want it that way even if it worked. Because if she isn’t sure of her feelings but just said “yes” for the sake of humiliation, chances are she’ll take it back soon after. And that, my friend, is as painful as being rejected the first time.

The ultimate ways to propose marriage

The ultimate ways to propose marriage

If she’ll say yes anyway why go through the fancy trouble?

First of all, if you know in your heart it’s something she’s been waiting for a long while now, then you owe it to her to make her feel good about asking her to be your eternal partner. The good feeling will allow her to justify in her mind that everything was worth the wait after all. You sure want to witness that priceless show of emotion on her face, and that can only happen if you make your proposal right and precise.

Prepare your tools, commission your board of advisors

If you’d like to stage a grand act then you’d better call for help; this is your first time so you have no stock knowledge of this things. What kind of ring to buy, what’s the proposal concept, what do you need to prepare and where do you do it? With the help of some families and friends your anxiety level will start to mellow down making you feel more excited than nervous.

Plan Your Wedding - Submit a Request for Proposal

Plan Your Wedding – Submit a Request for Proposal

Once everything is ready, it’s now time to plan your act

Would she like a public proposal? Unless she thrives on attention, she may, otherwise stick to an intimate few like common friends and important relatives. How about an in-house proposal to keep her from public view of her unexpected hysterical cry? Would she be proud to show off a tech-prepared proposal like a podcast, or a live streaming of this main event? Has she hinted somewhere in time that she’d love a fine romantic dinner cum proposal? Whatever the concept, make sure it’s done well so as not to ruin the highlight of the night.

Popping the question is one event in your life as a couple that should create a romantic and lasting memory. Knowing that you’re doing it for the one you really love makes all the trouble worthwhile.

5 Super Foods You Should Get Your Kid To Eat


Super foods are important not only for the health of adults, but also for kids. Super foods are vital for the physical condition of all children, because they are nutritional, energizing, and healthy. Here are 5 Super Foods that you should give to your kid to eat.

Oatmeal – The Ultimate Super Food Breakfast for Kids

It is a super food rich in fiber; the level of fats is low. In addition, oatmeal contains iron and protein. It’s an extraordinary affordable alternative to cereal for a good breakfast. Nourishing and simple to prepare, oatmeal is a breakfast favorite since a long time. In the contemporary years, though, it has also been extensively hailed as a part of a nutrition that can lessen cholesterol. Each cup of oatmeal has soluble fiber (around 6 grams) that can assist in decreasing your LDL and overall cholesterol levels.

Super Bowl Taco Bowl & other Fun Food Football Field ideas!

Super Bowl Taco Bowl & other Fun Food Football Field ideas!

Berries – Some Health Benefits and Preparation Advices

Having high vitamin and antioxidant levels, berries are one of the greatest super foods for kids. Blueberries particularly are considered good for kids – they enhance immunity and brain functionality, and improve eye health. If your kids aren’t keen on fresh blueberries, you can try to freeze the fruits. Here are a number of other ideas:

  • Mix blueberries with some water or apple juice and then freeze them into ice dice trays.

  • Mix blueberries and yogurt.

  • Make a combined – berry smoothie that contains blueberries. Frozen blueberries are great for smoothies. Adding yogurt, milk, or anything else you would like to the mixture works perfectly and kids enjoy it.

Leafy Greens

These include spinach, broccoli, kale, and some others. If your kids flip up their nose on these vegetables, you can try raw broccoli with dip. For other greens like kale and spinach, here are a number of things to try:

  • You can mince the greens and use them as topping for pizza, or in meatballs and meatloaves.

  • You can make a smoothie with chunked apple, leafy greens, and apple juice.

  • You can also make green popsicles out of this mix.

  • Use blenders to pulverize the raw greens into pasta, pizza sauces, or spaghetti.

We Make Healthy Eating Fun for Kids

We Make Healthy Eating Fun for Kids

Hummus – a Super Food Energy Surprise and a Perfect Addition to Your Kids’ Menu

It is the after school super food. It has the best combination of proteins and carbohydrates to keep children energized, happy and full until dinnertime. Play around with a sort of a captivating presentation and you will have them fascinated about this tasty dip very quickly.


They are the genuine vitamin powerhouse, providing a comparatively low-calorie supply of protein, vitamin B, Omega-3 fatty acids, and more. One important thing is that, since eggs contain 70% of RDA (recommended daily allowance) for cholesterol, and high levels of cholesterol, they have been connected to a number of heart diseases, therefore you might want to restrict egg intake for your kids to only several times per week. They may not be the most superb super food; however, they are one among the greatest breakfasts of this kind. Eggs are full of Vitamin D for optimal calcium absorption and plenty of protein to keep kids full until lunchtime.

These are only a number of all super foods you can get for your kid. There are hundreds, if not thousands of super foods on the market, which can be appropriate for your child. Providing your kids the food variety they need is your obligation as a parent. Feeding them with super foods guarantees that they will grow up healthy and well.

Pick The Right Financial Advisor That’s Right For You With These 3 Questions

Do we really need financial advisors? Is money really that hard to manage? Well, the answer to that question is both yes and no. Yes, because with the rising number of people caught up in web of debt, even if they are earning sizable income, is proof that money is the most challenging thing to manage (well, at least to these people); and no, because money is not the issue when one is caught in debt, it’s the spending discipline that’s the issue. If one is able to discipline himself with the way money is spent then there is really no need for a financial advisor.

There’s a good reason why you need a Financial Advisor

But say you want to go beyond just spending wisely; say you want to invest a few bucks here and there to build a reliable nest egg; then you would really need a financial advisor on this. Financial advisors are experts too not just in money management but in investments as well. With the recent economy, you can’t rely on just your work and the government to help you live comfortably in the future especially if you weren’t blessed with a lucrative job or profession. There is still a way to build wealth through the help of financial advisors.

How to Weed Out a Good Financial Advisor From the Bad

How to Weed Out a Good Financial Advisor From the Bad

How do you find the financial advisor that is fit for your needs? These “must ask” questions will guide you.

#1 – Are you a registered investment advisor?

Be wary when some guys call themselves investment advisor when all they are is an “investment agent”. The difference is that investment agents simply sell you a financial product (something you might not need at all). Make sure that his license allows him to show you investment choices from different companies based on your actual needs and not only by what he can earn from commission on the investment products.

#2 – How much is your service?

Some advisor charges a flat rate for the scope of work that is required; others charge per hour based on on-going consultations. Still others charge a percentage of the total assets under management. But be wary again of some advisors that earn a commission on each investment product sold to you, this may simply stir your original investment plans in a different direction. Earning commissions is not bad at all, but be sure he is able to show you at least 5 competing products and prove how his “endorsement” is a much better choice than others.

HOW TO PICK THE BEST ISA: Everything you need to know about cash accounts & stock market funds

HOW TO PICK THE BEST ISA: Everything you need to know about cash accounts & stock market funds

#3 – How do you plan on helping me?

This question is tricky but nonetheless important. This will outline his strategies to help you, say, to get out of debt in 1 year or less without very painful bootstrapping or make your investments yield a steady 15% year-on-year starting on the second year. This question will let vagueness out in the way and show tangible results. When he lays out his plans you will get the feeling if they are “right” and “comfortable” for you. If something doesn’t feel right even if it seems like a good idea then be brave enough to let him know so he can adjust his strategies according to your comfort level.

Working with a financial adviser is a relationship much like a marriage; there must be mutual trust and respect. Your advisor must have the sense of advocacy to help you get on your financial track and must be willing enough to see you through no matter how challenging it may seem in the beginning.